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It’s a way of life

9 Dec

Fortuna fans show their love: "L'amour toujours!"

There is a huge difference between a football fan in general and a fan of a football club. A football fan just wants to see a nice football match with many goals and spectacular actions on the pitch. Most of the time you will find this type of persons at home, on the couch, watching football on tv.
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“Following” Deportivo over land and sea

4 Dec

It’s easy to watch footballmatches of your favorite footballteam on television. Sitting down in a lazy chair, drinking a few beers… It sounds like a hell to me. I live for following “my” team Fortuna Sittard everywhere they play.

But some times, fans have no other chance than watching matches on television. Like for Sergio and Alberto (Spain) bor example. They’re both Deportivo La Coruna fans. They normally attend to matches in the stadium. Now, because of their studies in Bulgaria, they have to watch the matches on tv. And this is the way how they survive, experience a Deportivo match.

Red Star fans are on fire!

19 Nov

Flabbergasted. That is the right word to describe my feelings during the Red Star Belgrade-OFK match on Oct. 5. Thousands of Red Star Belgrade fans put newspapers on fire and put these above their heads. After that, they even burned the seats: their own stadium was on fire.

A compilation with photos and videos:

CSKA-Levski: “One of the biggest hates in the world”

6 Nov

The football world counts many, many derbies. These are the most special matches of the year for the fanatic fans. ‘Their’ team plays against another team from the same or another city, which is close to their team’s homebase.

In Bulgaria they also have a few big derbies, like the Plovdiv derby (Lokomotiv against Botev). But the biggest Bulgarian derby is without any doubt CSKA Sofia-Levski Sofia. Those two teams are both, what’s in the name, from Sofia.

In the southern city of Blagoevgrad, about thirty Levski-fans gathered to go to the Sofia-derby by bus. A video compilation about their journey and how the Levski-fans supported their team.

‘The key is: always be louder’

20 Oct

Name: Michiel Bumbar
Age: 28
Favorite club: Feyenoord Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Fan since: 1997

Michiel Bumbar is a huge fan of Feyenoord Rotterdam. He goes to every match of his team, if he is able to attend them. His passion is based on love for the football club, not on the results from the past. He tells how he experiences Feyenoord-matches, especially away matches.

Hate based on ‘culture’

11 Oct

It hurts when ‘your’ football club lost a match. But the suffering can be alleviated when the rival football club is losing too. It is all about honour and pride: You do not want your club to befamous as the ‘shame’ of the region. 

Leo Wigger is from Hamburg, Germany, and he is a fanatic HSV Hamburg-fan. He tells why he hates ‘his’ rival Werder Bremen so much: “It’s a ‘cultural-thing.'”

Let’s pretend we scored a goal!

4 Oct

A better example of “it’s not all about football” maybe doesn’t exist. In the following movie the Aston Villa-fans are trying to have a good time in the away sector of Liverpool FC, while the home team is on its way to defeat Villa easily with 3-0. And it works out. Although, they mainly entertain the Liverpool-fans.