It’s not all about football. NOT?

11 Sep

No. It’s obviously not. I mean, watching how 22 guys chase a football and try to kick it in the goal of their oponent is a good fun; don’t get me wrong. But it’s not all about the game football itself. Actually, when I visit a footballmatch and people ask me how the match was, most of the time I barely remember a thing of the match itself. ‘But why did you go to that match?’ Well, to meet other people, to have a great time with them, to drink beers, taste the whole atmosphere. It’s about the experience, the differences between the fans, how they experience the match. Even though their team loses or wins, the fans’ emotions are brilliant to look at.

And yes. I think I’m able to say you have to be a maniac to be like this. I spent tousands of Euro’s only to visit over 300 matches between professional footballteams in England, Greece, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany. A ‘normal’ person prefers a holiday to Ibiza for that money.

Just to make clear that football is not only the game itself, that there is more ‘behind’ the game, I started this blog. I will write stories about my own experiences, people I have met and people I will meet at footballmatches. I hope my stories will keep you being interested in reading and following this blog.

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