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It’s a way of life

9 Dec

Fortuna fans show their love: "L'amour toujours!"

There is a huge difference between a football fan in general and a fan of a football club. A football fan just wants to see a nice football match with many goals and spectacular actions on the pitch. Most of the time you will find this type of persons at home, on the couch, watching football on tv.
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“Following” Deportivo over land and sea

4 Dec

It’s easy to watch footballmatches of your favorite footballteam on television. Sitting down in a lazy chair, drinking a few beers… It sounds like a hell to me. I live for following “my” team Fortuna Sittard everywhere they play.

But some times, fans have no other chance than watching matches on television. Like for Sergio and Alberto (Spain) bor example. They’re both Deportivo La Coruna fans. They normally attend to matches in the stadium. Now, because of their studies in Bulgaria, they have to watch the matches on tv. And this is the way how they survive, experience a Deportivo match.