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‘Unconditional love to the team’

26 Sep
Levski Sofia's emblem

Levski Sofia's emblem

There are many different kind of supporters: the ones who visit the match in the stadium and just sit down and watch the match. On the other hand there are ultras, the fanatic supporters who express their love for the team in the stadium by for example singing. They’re always there to stand for their club.

Georgi Stefanov (28), living in Blagoevgrad, is a supporter of the last categorie. He is a Levski Sofia ultra. “Being an ultra means to me: unconditionally love the team. No matter what. If they go to the third division, I will still be a Levski fan. I will never let them go.”

An audio-interview with him:


Friday derbyday: MVV-Fortuna

18 Sep

Despite I absolutely may not complain about my football experiences over here (Bulgaria-England and two matches of Pirin Blagoevgrad), I do miss the Dutch football. Especially my first love, Fortuna Sittard. It is a second division team in The Netherlands, which plays against our regional rival MVV Maastricht coming Friday. A blog about my feelings for that match.

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It’s not all about football. NOT?

11 Sep

No. It’s obviously not. I mean, watching how 22 guys chase a football and try to kick it in the goal of their oponent is a good fun; don’t get me wrong. But it’s not all about the game football itself. Actually, when I visit a footballmatch and people ask me how the match was, most of the time I barely remember a thing of the match itself. ‘But why did you go to that match?’ Well, to meet other people, to have a great time with them, to drink beers, taste the whole atmosphere. It’s about the experience, the differences between the fans, how they experience the match. Even though their team loses or wins, the fans’ emotions are brilliant to look at. Continue reading