Friday derbyday: MVV-Fortuna

18 Sep

Despite I absolutely may not complain about my football experiences over here (Bulgaria-England and two matches of Pirin Blagoevgrad), I do miss the Dutch football. Especially my first love, Fortuna Sittard. It is a second division team in The Netherlands, which plays against our regional rival MVV Maastricht coming Friday. A blog about my feelings for that match.

Matches between Fortuna and MVV are always special. The feelings you have one week before the match are indescribable. You think about the match constantly, you sleep badly, you’re nervous all the time, get faster irritable than usual. On the matchday itself you think of nothing else than the match. You’re daydreaming how awesome it would be to humiliate the Sjengen. Just like in november 2008. Fortuna won that away match in Maastricht with 0-2. And how! When I think about the whole day, the whole week, I get goosebumps on my body again.

A couple of Fortuna fans stole the group banners from their rival supporters, Ultras Mestreech, MVV’s ultras. Those banners are holy for the ultras. They are like the heart of a human: you need it to live. It must have hurt them that Fortuna supporters showed those banners in the away sector. In the second half hero Nico Vanek scored 0-1. The away sector exploded, everybody went crazy. The atmosphere was nearly electric when Danny Schreurs scored 0-2 one minute before the match ended. Fortuna Sittard won, for the first time in ten years, a match in Maastricht!

The last few minutes of 2008’s match between MVV and Fortuna (0-2).

There were a few riots after the match. Because of those disturbances Fortuna supporters got punished by the national football association; they were not allowed to visit the away match in Maastricht the next season. But I actually didn’t really care: the most beautiful match in my ‘Fortuna-career’ was born.

Back to next Fridays match: MVV-Fortuna in Maastricht. There’s no possibility to see the match live on the internet or on television. So I will be stuck at the radio, to listen to the live broadcast of L1. But still, I do have the same nervous feelings as always. I almost get an orgasm when I daydream about humiliating MVV. It has to be like that, there’s no other possibility. Come on Sittard, PAK DIE SJENGEN!

One Response to “Friday derbyday: MVV-Fortuna”

  1. Johan Cruyff September 14, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Hi Joris..
    Very nice site..Keep on going to keep us in Holland posted with your experience there..
    We gonna kick some ass over there in Maastricht..Its a pitty , you cant be on the markt in Sittard on Friday morning for drinking a ( lot ) beers:)
    We drink on you and the 3 point:)

    Hope to see ya fast back in Holland:)

    Cheers mate!

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