It’s a way of life

9 Dec

Fortuna fans show their love: "L'amour toujours!"

There is a huge difference between a football fan in general and a fan of a football club. A football fan just wants to see a nice football match with many goals and spectacular actions on the pitch. Most of the time you will find this type of persons at home, on the couch, watching football on tv.

Club fans

On the other hand you have the specific “club fans.” People who want their team to win – it doesn’t matter how -, who are sad for a while when their team loses, who attend to almost every single football match in the stadium. If it means you have to travel 400 kilometers, than you travel 400 kilometers. It’s all about supporting the team. Where ever, whenever. These people really care about their team and express their love in many ways.

What I wanted to share, was the passion, the emotions, how big the love for their football team is. And I think I succeed in this part. I interviewed Levski Sofia (Bulgaria), Feyenoord (The Netherlands), HSV Hamburg (Germany) and Deportivo La Coruna (Spain) fans and I went to matches in different countries as you can see on my personal Groundhopping list.

Unconditional love
All of those fans act different in the stadiums. The Red Star Belgrade fans for example, burned their own stadium. The Levski fans sang during the whole match. The Feyenoord, HSV Hamburg and Deportivo La Coruna fans try to “follow” their team as the best they can on television. They all act different and express their passion in different ways. But there is at least one common thing: their love to the team is unconditional. They stand for their team, however the results are good or bad. They keep supporting their team.

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  1. melodygilbert01 December 11, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    I certainly learned quite a bit about football fans, especially those crazy ones with fire!! Thanks for sharing your stories. Felt like I was right there with you in the bus or at the games and even in the AUBG dorms 🙂

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